A trail that passes through beautiful landscapes of biome transition areas of the Cerrado and Campos Gerais, with baths in waterfalls and with a super top water trail in the canyon of the imposing Véu da Noiva waterfall – more than 45m high!

It lasts about 4:30 of trail activities, plus the transportation time and the visit in the city of Jaguariaíva.

It is not necessary to know how to swim – it should not have a phobia of water.

Course: trail with about 4.5km
Time: about 4:30
Level of difficulty: light / moderate
Best season: from August to May
Minimum age: 10 years (under 18 years only with the accompaniment and authorization of parents or legal guardian)

Included: 1 fruit + 1 cereal bar + use of safety equipment + instruction + instructor + adventure life insurance by Porto Seguro + certificate of participation

Check for availability for the date: courtesy of the activity photos!

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